Copper Pipe Plumbing: Know The Advantages of Copper Fittings In Your Home’s Plumbing System

Plumbing materials come in a wide range that can cater to the needs and demands of any home, old or new. Copper plumbing has shown tremendous advantages in terms of effectiveness, cost and over all functions.

Copper Pipes: What Are They And Why They Are The Best?

Copper pipes are the premium and most wanted choice of plumbing whether in a home or any industry. Copper pipes have been used for over a very long time and the original lines laid nearly four decades before are still found working in a superb condition. The most important aspect is that these pipes are non-permeable, and thus don’t absorb other substances with which it comes in contact. Thus, it does not contaminate water in water drinking pipes. Copper pipes can be recycled, thus leaving minimal impact impact on the environment.

Major benefits of Copper Pipe Fittings


Copper is much easier to work on as it is much softer than iron or lead. Copper is naturally corrosion resistant metal, more durable, light weight and easier to extend over long stretches without support. It is most commonly used in plumber tube fittings and air-conditioning /refrigeration tubes.

Different applications:

Copper pipes are immensely used in underground water and gas services, water distribution system, drainage and vent systems, heating systems, fuel oil systems, oxygen systems, non flammable medical gas systems and chilled water mains systems.

Wide range of sizes:

Copper pipes are available in wide range of diameters and wall thickness to fit any kind of specifications like drainage systems, water distribution systems or hot water heating systems.

Corrosion resistance:

Copper being corrosion resistance, makes it a premium choice in number of applications. For example, water distribution systems and fire sprinkler systems, maintains a superior flow capacity as there is no internal corrosion. No scaling is required, thus even a copper pipe with a small diameter, too provides efficient flow capacity thus saving onto cost also. The internal diameter remains constant and smooth, making it highly recommendable.

High thermal conductivity:

Copper provides an advantage over other metals when any application involving heat transfer is required.Copper being the most reliable material, the engineering work can count on its performance in a great way. Its popularity in heating systems proves that copper has an upper hand than other materials as these pipes are good at handling heat without losing strength or shape and can bear high water pressure.

Long lasting:

Copper pipes used in any area have given hundred percent customer satisfaction. Copper pipes are low maintenance on cost as it doesn’t require any painting to protect itself from getting corroded. These are non toxic as copper being a natural material has proven to be safe for health. Copper pipes do not burn or support combustion. It is safe and does not decompose.

Easy to join and install:

The ductile nature of copper pipes, often eliminates elbows and joints. The pipes can be configured to fit any design right on the job site, thus contributing towards the strength of the system and lowering the cost of installation.


Copper fittings add value to home and keep its value for very long time.


Why Only Professional Plumbers Should Take Care of Your Home’s Plumbing?

Plumbing is an age old occupation. The field of plumbing is vast, it is categorized into numerous fields. Like the drainage system of our homes, the water supply system for our gardens, the water channelizing system for your swimming pool. It also includes the application of whole of the disposal system. The connection of the incoming water from the local civic body, followed by the outlet connections.

Now, when setting up and surviving with such an intricate and complex system, even a minor breakdown in the system brings our lives to standstill. Just imagine yourself, getting up one day switching on the shower, and no water comes out. Turning on the tap in the kitchen sink and it all gets dripping or overflowing. Plumbing emergencies simply wreck our lives. Now to get the situation fixed our normal reflex is dialing the plumber next door. To get hold of the situation, panic takes over us. We try to fix the situation as fast as possible. But in the process what we tend to miss out is, the selection of the right plumber Toronto. Let’s discuss how and why to invest on a professional plumber.

Professional plumbers are very experienced workers, they happen to have done numerous field works and also obtained certification in the field of plumbing. Their experience and knowledge immensely play a key role in managing crisis immediately. Some of the key special features of professional plumbers is enlisted below-

#1 Certification- Professional plumbers from plumber Toronto are certified which gives you an assurance that the faulty system or the high price appliance which has stopped working will be in good hands. Unskilled plumbers with little knowledge of the working of the system tends to diagnose wrong leading to damage.

#2 Time- Since plumbing emergencies need to be diagnosed immediately, there is very little scope for trial and error. One has to fix the system in bare minimum time. To do this, one has to have practice and through knowledge about whole the thing. Only professional plumbers tend to have that.

#3 Security- The plumbing system runs throughout the house. Now to locate the cause of the malfunction, the plumber has to come inside the house. This step itself is very risky. It concerns with the security of the people, as well as security of the valuables in the house. If an unprofessional plumbers selects the wrong route, he will leave untraced. On the contrary professional plumbers happen to possess prober id proof. One can be secured in their presence, or at least trace them back if something goes out of the line

#4 Tools- Plumbing needs sophisticated tools, that makes the work easy and less time consuming. Professional plumbers happen to possess multiple kind of tools, and they have very profound knowledge about how to bring them to use.

#5 Money- The entire professional circle happen to charge the same amount of fee for the service they provide. They tend to provide one with the best possible service with minimum possible wages.

So irrespective of the degree of the crisis, one should always opt for a professional plumber.


Plumbing Mistakes You Should Never Make

Plumbing of your home is not very easy work to do yourself unless you are a professional. It is such a delicate line of work which needs proper experience and useful tools. Professional plumber in Mississauga need to follow certain rules and work within a system. You as homeowner always must give priority to the plumbing problems of your home. Maintaining plumbing of your whole house is the best way to ensure the longevity of your home and family. Dysfunction of plumbing suggests dysfunction of the whole household as well. As we are all busy in our life’s prior issues, taking care of the plumbing is the last thing we care about and this is the most common error we make. Do you know ignoring plumbing problems can make your life a complete hell? Yes! It can ruin your family time and homely peace to which you look forward after a whole stressful day at the office.

If you want a peaceful and healthy family life, then you must consult with a professional plumbing company about the ways of taking care of your home and install home plumbing system. As we do not give much priority to plumbing problems of our houses in general we make mistakes only to worsen the situation. One piece of advice would be never to show indifference to plumbing problems or never to try to show your own skill in fixing crucial plumbing problems. All you need to do is to visit a plumbing company which is so easily accessible in Toronto.

Common Plumbing Mistakes We Should Avoid

  • First of all when you are hiring a professional plumbing company never bother about charges because in most of the cases what we do is we hire the company which costs low never paying attention to the quality of services they are providing only to save a few bucks. This in turn can be proved as fatal causing more than you ever imagined. Always look forward for quality service like express plumber if you care for your money.
  • Even when we are applying plumbing company to our home, we are not very mindful of the instruments or technologies they are using. Always make it sure that the tools they are using, are up-to-dated and new.
  • Another common practice is to settle for quantity over quality of products. When you are buying faucets, or pipes, or water service, or any other electrical gazettes always ensure that they are five stars rating products which are long lasting as well as energy saving.
  • When choosing the plumbing company, make it sure that the company should be well reputed and established. It has strong back up of experienced and trained staffs using high-tech tools. Of course the company should provide service night and day. The company must cover insurance and license. Last but not the least, it should provide service at a convenient price. Never believe your plumber blindly.
  • To keep yourself out of the trouble, one thing you must follow is to check regularly your whole plumbing system. Never wait for emergency which will keep you trouble free.

Keep a list of best plumbing companies in your area. Choose the best one among them like plumber Toronto and keep their contact id and this will help you during your time need.

5 Most Common Plumbing Mistakes We Should Avoid

Plumbing dysfunction are issues we don’t look forward to. As we are wrapped up with our day to day schedule, giving our peace of mind to plumbing issues is least of our priority. In a hurry to fix such issues, we tend to make mistakes with our plumbing system. I am going to highlight few of such mistakes, so as you can be more cautious next time when you deal with any such situation.

Poor quality plumbing equipment

It’s quite a common practice, to settle for quantity over quality. Plumbing equipments tend to be one of our major investments, money wise. Equipments only with five star rating should be purchased. Now what’s the significance of number of stars? They directly or indirectly denote the efficiency and the power consumption of the appliance. Using five star appliance will, directly show on your electricity bills in profitable terms.

Compromising with the shape and quality of pipe

The networks of plumber pipes are installed in a very discrete way. Hidden underneath the floor or they make their way through the walls. Now the problem becomes that, even when a minor problem arises, huge amount of exploration is required to locate the problem. Also pipes are exposed to humid condition for prolonged period of time; the metal base tends to corrode. Thus always properly galvanized metallic pipes or PVC pipes should only be used. They tend to have long life and can be trusted too.

Winter precautions to be taken

During winter as the temperature seems to go down, the water inside the exposed pipes freezes. So pipes which are exposed to the cold temperature should be cut out from the network, to achieve this, valves should be installed in the junctions, which we always tend to forget. Also the pipes used should be properly insulated and jacketed. These simple steps keep water flowing during winter. Contact best Toronto plumber for solving all the plumbing mistakes.

Inexperienced handling of plumbing equipment

With little or no knowledge, tend to jump to solve plumbing issues. For example, if your water heater stops working, the reason could range from non working of thermostat, or simple issue with the circuit breaker. But if the equipment is opened with no clue about its functioning, it may lead to permanent damage. Either the manual which comes along with the equipment should be followed in the supervision of someone experienced. Or professional help should is advisable.

Blindly Trusting your plumber

Problems with plumbing suddenly endow us with lots of stress. In hurry to relieve ourselves, we call for a plumber without inquiring about his skills and experience. It leads to dragging of the issue to even a more critical point. So ideal way is to firstly check for the plumbers permit, and then know about his past work and efficiency. It helps you with the right choice. Trusted professional agencies like Plumber Toronto always keep learning sessions for their plumbers in order to keep them updated.
So the next time you take decisions revolving your plumbing system, do remember the above tips. With a little caution, you can definitely restore peace of mind.

Common Mistakes We Make While Hiring Plumbing Contractor In Emergency

Plumbing structure is an important and integral part of our everyday life. Most of us really do not care about the importance of the plumbing lines that carry all the water in and out of the house until there is a major flaw and we are left without water supply or flooded floor. I am pretty sure one time or another all of you have faced this dire condition and did not know what to do. Some of you may have tried mending the plumbing line by yourself, did not go down well I assume! And those who left it to the professionals often made a mistake while selecting one.

It should be noted that plumbing is a specialized job and needs to be done by professionals like Plumber Toronto. So, however, small the issue might look, donning on the role of a plumber is a strict no-no for any inexperienced person. You never know, your experiment might land you in an even bigger trouble than you were already in. However, in case of emergency, while selecting the plumbing expert, we often make some mistakes in a hurry. Let us take a look at some of the worst but common mistakes which happen during choosing plumbing experts.

  • Choosing plumber depending on cost – This is ideally done even in case of emergency. Most of us will think of saving some amount by selecting a professional who will ask for the least amount for the job. This can turn out to be really bad decision since there are a lot of factors that decide whether a professional plumber is worth the money.
  • Deciding the quality of the plumber by availability of tools – This is quite a disastrous thing to do for sure. You never know whether or not the plumber you are going to hire is even capable of using the tools being displayed at the store or on their website. Make sure that the person has proper experience and expertise before taking a decision. Displaying tools can be a method of creating an aura of importance which is basically misleading the clients.
  • Not checking insurance papers and certifications – Do remember that if anything happens to your property during plumbing job it is the insurance of the plumber that will ensure that you receive claims against any damage that happens. Also, every plumber should have proper certification which proves their professional status. Do not forget to check these even when there is an emergency.
  • Considering every professional plumbing service provider to be having equal expertise – This is another common mistake which often happens when the person looking for plumbers is not experienced enough about the types of service providers in the area. You need to remember at all times that there are the good, the better and the best in every field, including plumbing. You will have to find only the best plumbing service provider like plumber Toronto when it comes to any plumbing job – emergency or not.

Keep a list of the best plumbers in your area at all times as ready reference. This will come handy during emergencies.

Are You Deciding Plumbing Company Based On Lowest Estimate? Beware!

plumber toronto

Work like home repair and maintenance, electrical repairs, and plumbing jobs are so specialized that most of us never go through the trouble of double checking the rates they quote. We will bargain about a bag of vegetables, but never bargain with the rates given by these professionals. However, some of us are quite cautious about these. There are many who will ask for estimate from a number of plumbers and choose the one with the lowest cost. Let me tell you, both the practices are dangerous and you are putting yourself in a position of being cheated one way or other.

Let me first explain why blindly trusting the cost estimate is never advisable. There are many professional plumbing firms which provide a considerably high cost estimate knowing that most people do not take the trouble of verifying it actually. Unless you have a pretty good knowledge about the cost of the various plumbing requirements, it is near impossible to know whether the cost estimate provided is reasonable of not. So the nest best option is to take a quote from all available professional plumbing service provider firms in the region like Plumber Toronto and reaching a decision.

While considering the quotes of a number of plumbing firms, it is natural tendency to opt for the one that has the lowest estimate. Even though most will think this is the smartest thing to do, I will ask you to hold on. You might just be taken for a ride and might actually end up losing a lot more than you bargained for. Let us take a look at the risks of hiring the cheapest plumber.

  • Unskilled labor – A skilled plumber needs to be trained properly, and this definitely does not come free of cost. Thus, it is natural that this money will have to be recovered through the services. If the cost is unusually low, the question remains about the efficiency and training of the plumber.
  • Low quality material used – The equipment and materials that will be needed generally cost quite high. If the company is charging too low, there is a high chance that the material quality is being compromised. This will result in damage and spending behind maintenance very early. To avoid this, you may agree to provide the materials needed yourself. In that case you can keep a tab on their personal experiences.
  • Irrelevant estimate – There are many companies which provide absurdly low ballpark figures just to clinch the job. The cost might rise in one context or another and you will end up paying more than the highest estimate. There is also a good chance that your work will suffer if there is a better offer for the plumbing company.
  • Property damage – Plumbing job can potentially damage the property. It is important to check whether the plumber has proper licence and insurance. These are mandatory for any professional. The best services are undoubtedly provided by Plumber Toronto.

It is definitely confusing with so much to decide upon. The best course of action is to ask for detailed estimate and cross check the fixed cost and variable cost factors. With some common sense you will be able to decide on the best person for the job.

All Set To Design Your New House? Secrets For Your Perfect Bathroom!


When you are set to spend your decades of savings on your new house, undoubtedly you deserve the best. We tend to spend hours deciding how huge the hall would be or which color pattern suits best with furniture, but on midst of that the not so obvious gets neglected.

Yes! You got it right, it’s your bathroom. The size, pattern, equipments in your bathroom hugely influences how peaceful your mornings and nights will be. Unless of course you want the Plumber Toronto to be your best friend, let’s discover some Do’s and Don’ts for your perfectly comfortable bathroom.

Dos and Don’ts

High quality metal equipment– Most vital of the equipments are made of of metals, be it the faucets, pipes or shower. These equipments are constantly in exposure to water or high percentage of moisture, the immediate effect of which is corrosion. With already a burning hole in your pocket it’s impossible to redo whole of the setup, so why not use the best of the lot.

Faucets/taps- It’s believed heavier the tap is, better is the quality. Metal wise Brass is most recommended, it’s unlikely to corrode or leak. While zinc and steel are indeed cheap metal, they won’t last longer, may crack from within thus least durable. Same is with plastics, they give in easily. Thus polished chrome brass faucets will serve you the best.

Showerheads and hand showers- They range from adjustable range wise, to water saving modes. Many people tend to leave out the 2 in 1 mode, i.e. installing both showerhead and hand shower, instead they presser just the showerhead. But there are days when one does not tends to take a head on shower, then these hand showers are the way to go.

Flushing toilets- When choosing on this, make sure it is efficient in water consumption, double flushing to do the job, wastes gallons of water. No noise or minimal noise while you flush, you obviously won’t want want to mute the TV every time someone flushes the toilet. Design should be simple and extremely easy to clean. While you install this do remember to set up a rack, just in case you decide to read the morning news paper in there.

Inbuilt speakers and good lighting- Why not rap to your favorite lyrics while in the shower or doing your laundry. All you need to do install an inbuilt speaker, which can serve as your morning speaker too.

Hand bars- You never know when you might slip while no one is around to help you stand up, installing hand bars at an arm’s length acts as your safety aid in the time of crisis while it hardly cost you anything.

Other utilities– Mirror magnificent one simply acts as the cherry on the top, racks and cupboard are obvious too, where else do you expect to keep your shower gel. Cloth hangers should specifically be installed far from the shower heads, enough space for waste disposal bins, extra electric ports to plug in your hair drier or electric shaver when blessed with house full of guests. You might as well ask Plumber Toronto for their help in these installations.

With all the above said things, your new bathroom is picture perfect.