Copper Pipe Plumbing: Know The Advantages of Copper Fittings In Your Home’s Plumbing System

Plumbing materials come in a wide range that can cater to the needs and demands of any home, old or new. Copper plumbing has shown tremendous advantages in terms of effectiveness, cost and over all functions.

Copper Pipes: What Are They And Why They Are The Best?

Copper pipes are the premium and most wanted choice of plumbing whether in a home or any industry. Copper pipes have been used for over a very long time and the original lines laid nearly four decades before are still found working in a superb condition. The most important aspect is that these pipes are non-permeable, and thus don’t absorb other substances with which it comes in contact. Thus, it does not contaminate water in water drinking pipes. Copper pipes can be recycled, thus leaving minimal impact impact on the environment.

Major benefits of Copper Pipe Fittings


Copper is much easier to work on as it is much softer than iron or lead. Copper is naturally corrosion resistant metal, more durable, light weight and easier to extend over long stretches without support. It is most commonly used in plumber tube fittings and air-conditioning /refrigeration tubes.

Different applications:

Copper pipes are immensely used in underground water and gas services, water distribution system, drainage and vent systems, heating systems, fuel oil systems, oxygen systems, non flammable medical gas systems and chilled water mains systems.

Wide range of sizes:

Copper pipes are available in wide range of diameters and wall thickness to fit any kind of specifications like drainage systems, water distribution systems or hot water heating systems.

Corrosion resistance:

Copper being corrosion resistance, makes it a premium choice in number of applications. For example, water distribution systems and fire sprinkler systems, maintains a superior flow capacity as there is no internal corrosion. No scaling is required, thus even a copper pipe with a small diameter, too provides efficient flow capacity thus saving onto cost also. The internal diameter remains constant and smooth, making it highly recommendable.

High thermal conductivity:

Copper provides an advantage over other metals when any application involving heat transfer is required.Copper being the most reliable material, the engineering work can count on its performance in a great way. Its popularity in heating systems proves that copper has an upper hand than other materials as these pipes are good at handling heat without losing strength or shape and can bear high water pressure.

Long lasting:

Copper pipes used in any area have given hundred percent customer satisfaction. Copper pipes are low maintenance on cost as it doesn’t require any painting to protect itself from getting corroded. These are non toxic as copper being a natural material has proven to be safe for health. Copper pipes do not burn or support combustion. It is safe and does not decompose.

Easy to join and install:

The ductile nature of copper pipes, often eliminates elbows and joints. The pipes can be configured to fit any design right on the job site, thus contributing towards the strength of the system and lowering the cost of installation.


Copper fittings add value to home and keep its value for very long time.