All Set To Design Your New House? Secrets For Your Perfect Bathroom!


When you are set to spend your decades of savings on your new house, undoubtedly you deserve the best. We tend to spend hours deciding how huge the hall would be or which color pattern suits best with furniture, but on midst of that the not so obvious gets neglected.

Yes! You got it right, it’s your bathroom. The size, pattern, equipments in your bathroom hugely influences how peaceful your mornings and nights will be. Unless of course you want the Plumber Toronto to be your best friend, let’s discover some Do’s and Don’ts for your perfectly comfortable bathroom.

Dos and Don’ts

High quality metal equipment– Most vital of the equipments are made of of metals, be it the faucets, pipes or shower. These equipments are constantly in exposure to water or high percentage of moisture, the immediate effect of which is corrosion. With already a burning hole in your pocket it’s impossible to redo whole of the setup, so why not use the best of the lot.

Faucets/taps- It’s believed heavier the tap is, better is the quality. Metal wise Brass is most recommended, it’s unlikely to corrode or leak. While zinc and steel are indeed cheap metal, they won’t last longer, may crack from within thus least durable. Same is with plastics, they give in easily. Thus polished chrome brass faucets will serve you the best.

Showerheads and hand showers- They range from adjustable range wise, to water saving modes. Many people tend to leave out the 2 in 1 mode, i.e. installing both showerhead and hand shower, instead they presser just the showerhead. But there are days when one does not tends to take a head on shower, then these hand showers are the way to go.

Flushing toilets- When choosing on this, make sure it is efficient in water consumption, double flushing to do the job, wastes gallons of water. No noise or minimal noise while you flush, you obviously won’t want want to mute the TV every time someone flushes the toilet. Design should be simple and extremely easy to clean. While you install this do remember to set up a rack, just in case you decide to read the morning news paper in there.

Inbuilt speakers and good lighting- Why not rap to your favorite lyrics while in the shower or doing your laundry. All you need to do install an inbuilt speaker, which can serve as your morning speaker too.

Hand bars- You never know when you might slip while no one is around to help you stand up, installing hand bars at an arm’s length acts as your safety aid in the time of crisis while it hardly cost you anything.

Other utilities– Mirror magnificent one simply acts as the cherry on the top, racks and cupboard are obvious too, where else do you expect to keep your shower gel. Cloth hangers should specifically be installed far from the shower heads, enough space for waste disposal bins, extra electric ports to plug in your hair drier or electric shaver when blessed with house full of guests. You might as well ask Plumber Toronto for their help in these installations.

With all the above said things, your new bathroom is picture perfect.

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